Address: Via G.Carducci,11, Boario Terme, Lombardy, Italy  
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   INTERNET RATES IN 2012/2013
Single €71 (Save up to 40%)
Twin €98 (Save up to 25%)
Double €98 (Save up to 25%)
Triple €128 (Save up to 30%)
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Rizzi Aquacharme

Rizzi AquacharmeElegance and class, the Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel and Spa has both in abundance in this fantastic hotel. Alot of care has gone into the decoration of the 86 rooms and guests can also enjoy traditional Lombard dishes in the Restaurant Acero Rosso.

The staff at the Rizzi Aquacharme have been trained to offer professional, courteous and friendly services to both national and international visitors. Should you require any assistance during your stay, including tourism advice, please consult the ever-present and energetic assistants.
Rizzi AquacharmeRelaxation is key in the Rizzi Aquacharme hotel and spa, and with a 750 sq meter spa, this is certainly a relaxing environment. The spa combines technology with style over two floors and provides various facilities and treatment rooms to the guests.

Rizzi Aquacharme offers state of the art accommodation in 86 spacious and comfortable guest rooms. These rooms have been design with your every comfort in mind but are also equipped with the essential facilities to make sure guests have a relaxed and memorable stay in the Rizzi Aquacharme.
Rizzi Aquacharme , Via G.Carducci,11, Boario Terme, Lombardy, Italy
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